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Star Trek Discovery is the new Star Trek tv show comeing in 2017. A Teaser was released at SDCC in 2016 and another one when filming begain in early 2017.

The Discovery (Alpha) has devided many with its design but much of that was due to its rushed teaser at comic con. Given proper time and creativity the USS Discovery can be made to look and feel as Star Trek as the fan base deserves.

Here we introduce to you our Trekyards trailer for Star Trek: Discovery, over a weeks hard work annimating and rendering to produce something that shows what Discovery can be.

Animated by Samuel Cockings
USS Discovery 3D model by Barry Chapman
NX-01 Refit 3D model by Pierre Drolet
K7 3D model by Rob Bonchune
USS Discovery Light Rig by Rob Bonchune

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