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Blaine & Madison | Siblings by WatchCut Video   3 months ago


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Which of us is the favorite child?
Do you remember when I lost my virginity, and how’d you know?
What’s my biggest flaw?
Were you jealous of me growing up? If so, be specific.
Have you ever stolen from me?
If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?
Who’s the more successful sibling?
Have you ever stolen from our parents?
Who’s the better looking sibling?
Who’s the smarter sibling?
Who’s the sluttier sibling?
Have you ever heard me having sex?
Have you ever slept with one of my friends or exes?
Which parent do you like better? Why?
Am I a good brother/sister?
Have you ever had sex in my bed?
How many sexual partners have you had?
Do I or have I ever disappointed you?

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